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If you intend to visit Poland, it is almost ‘obligatory’ to spend at least a day in our city and explore what is best here. We are happy to advise you about accommodation, transport, food and other services in order to make your stay comfortable.

Do you wonder why to visit Warsaw with a tourist guide? There are two major reasons. First, although we Poles are hospitable and helpful, only 20% of the society speaks English and in the streets there is very little displayed in English to facilitate self-orientation. Moreover, the Polish language itself is challenging for a non-Slavic speaker.

Second, the city of Warsaw, due to its complicated history, is more demanding when it comes to sightseeing. Important locations and landmarks are scattered throughout the city. Depending on your available time and individual interests, we can offer the optimal selection of sightseeing routes which would fit best to your needs, tastes and expectations. We are here to learn more about your preferences and craft your tour adequately. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. With two millions of inhabitants this is also the largest metropolis in the country. Its history is both tragic and fascinating. You will find here times of prosperity but also moments of dramatic downfalls marked with bloodshed and destruction, yet adorned with examples of great valor and heroism. Over centuries Poland was built on multicultural, multiethnic and multireligious historical experience. You will find here French, German, Italian, Jewish, and Russian influences among others. However, Poland represents a country of strong national identity with the noticeable Roman Catholic tradition which is deeply rooted in history, culture and mentality. John Paul II, the great pope of recent times, was born in Poland and in many aspects he exemplified what was special about the Polish culture.


Nowadays Warsaw has its own unique character. On the one hand, it is a modern, open and somewhat cosmopolitan city, which is growing fast economically. In June 2012 Warsaw was among a few Polish cities which hosted Euro 2012, that is, the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. On the other hand, Warsaw treasures compelling history with outstanding monuments, landmarks and breathtaking stories. In a sense, here in Warsaw the heroic past intertwines with the dynamic present to spin the future. There are three practical things which Warsaw has been famous for: hospitality of its inhabitants, the green of its parks, and the beauty of its ladies.